We want to make millions of respiratory patients successful in managing their disease.

We develop an intuitive device that helps to inhale the medication correctly and deliver the optimal dose into the patient's lungs. We include healthcare providers and the patient's family to develop holistic solutions to elevate the patient's well-being. 


Studies show that 70-90% of patients perform one or more critical errors in their inhalation technique. Incorrectly inhaled medication leads to poor control of the disease and increases the number of exacerbations - sudden breathlessness attacks. 

Our three core values:

- Patients in the center

- Decisions driven by science and data 

- Viewing problems from different perspectives


Patients with Asthma and  COPD face a wide array of inhaler types to manage their disease, each requires different inhalation technique. This makes inhalers a hard-to-use devices where patients are recommended to be educated every few months to be able to inhale correctly.


We develop a medical device with a unique combination of electronic components that intuitively guides the patient through the inhalation process. The device helps patients breathe easily even though they have asthma or COPD  (Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease).


 14 May 2021


Thank you Software students!

We are proud to have had the opportunity to work with these skilled Computer Science Students with a focus on Software Engineering from KTH. Thank you for your time and commitment during these past months, resulting in an amazing App for people with chronic lung disease.

Elin Inoue, Sandra Möttus, André Fredriksen, Marcus Oscarsson, Emm Nilsson, Albin Wikström Kempe, David Åsberg, Vilhelm Hellmèr

18 Mars 2021, KTH Innovation

Event: KTH Innovation Demo Day 

Get to know the 12 latest startups from KTH as they graduate after one year in the KTH Innovation pre-incubator program.  Join us online to celebrate their achievements, as they get ready to take their next steps. Join us live from KTH Innovation, hear the teams pitch, and mingle with the founders.

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18 Mars 2021, KTH Innovation

 KTH Innovation Demo Day

Today our CEO Petra Szeszula pithched at the KTH Innovation demo day! Thank you KTH Innovation for your immense support on the mission to help millions of respiratory patients inhale their medication correctly!


Universities, organizations and companies around the world have chosen to support Andning Med in our journey. We’re proud to be a part of the work of forward-thinking, innovation and research.

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