Studies show that 70-90% of patients perform one or more critical errors in their inhalation technique. Incorrectly inhaled medication leads to poor control of the disease and increases the number of exacerbations - sudden breathlessness attacks. 


Patients with Asthma and  COPD face a wide array of inhaler types to manage their disease, each requires different inhalation technique. This makes inhalers a hard-to-use devices where patients are recommended to be educated every few months to be able to inhale correctly.


We develop a medical device with a unique combination of electronic components that intuitively guides the patient through the inhalation process. The device helps patients breathe easily even though they have asthma or COPD  (Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease).

Developing technology to help people breathe easily even though they have asthma or COPD

- Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease. 


Our vision is to help patients control their chronic lung disease and relieve their symptoms through the correct inhalation technique.


We are a team of experts in medicine, science and product design. We have seen challenges of COPD and Asthma patients during our clinical immersion in primary care centers, daily observing and interviewing patients, doctors and nurses. We develop our product based on these observations and the real needs of patients and professionals involved in chronic lung disease treatment.

Our decisions follow our core principles: 

Patients in the center

Driven by science and facts

Viewing problems from various perspectives


Universities, organizations and companies around the world have chosen to support Andning Med in our journey. We’re proud to be a part of the work of forward-thinking, innovation and research.

KTH innovation


05 September 2020, KTH Innovation

KTH innovation office

We are happy to move into the brand new KTH innovation offices at the KTH campus. Grateful to be able to work together in person again, of course with caution and following the current guidelines.  

Looking forward to working alongside other amazing startups developing new solutions for relevant needs!

02 July 2020

VINNOVA supports us!

We are very happy to share the great news that we just received a grant support from Vinnova - Innovativa startups steg 1!

We are looking for test users, patients who have experience with using inhalers. If you would like to help us develop the product that is truly useful to the patients, please, send us an email to info@andningmed.com or call +46 735048480.

Föreningsinfo #2 2020, Hjärtlung föreningen Stockholm  

Info om KOL-studie 

Article about the presentation of our research at Hjärtlung föreningen Stockholm in December of 2019. There we presented our work towards understanding the needs of COPD patients to spread the knowledge and insights gathered in the Clinical innovation fellowships program.

If you are a healthcare organization, medical professional or user of inhaler and want to know how we can help to improve inhalation technique, we’d love to hear from you.

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We are always curious in interesting people and competencies that can strengthen our team. We also have internships available. Please submit your resume and portfolio to contact@andningmed.com